Dressage Training Los Angeles - Nina Winternheimer & Pony

NW Dressage: Dressage Training in Los Angeles by Nina Winternheimer

Nina Winternheimer is a dressage trainer based in Sun Valley, Los Angeles. She is a USDF gold medalist and has extensive experience in bringing horses and riders to FEI level.She grew up on a ranch in Sweden where her family bred Welsh ponies and with one of them she started showing dressage at the age of nine.


Nina Winternheimer has a genuine background in dressage, having gone through the two national schools in Sweden - Flyinge and Stromsholm, and graduating in the top of her class. She came to Los Angeles from Sweden in 1998 and has been appreciated as a dressage trainer in the area since.


Nina has been very successful in bringing adult amateurs up the levels, giving both the horse and rider correct foundations to build on. She has brought numerous horses from scratch to FEI and both her and her clients have won many year-end awards. Whether you want to show or not, Nina will give you and your horse a solid education, adapting teaching and riding to your individual needs.